Rafoogari : The forgotten art of repairing damaged clothes | Ep. #68
Circular Business PodcastSeptember 13, 2021x
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Rafoogari : The forgotten art of repairing damaged clothes | Ep. #68

Hello & welcome to Circular Business Podcast’s special edition of weekly gupshup with the Circular collective, I’m your host and dost Sreepriya Sridharan and today we are going to board the train into the history of repair & reuse fashion of India whose artisans are popularly known as Rafoogars.

And to take that discussion forward, aaj humare saath hain Vikas Dargan from The Circular Collective who is an Architect ,a cultural professional and Anant fellow, who is passionately working towards craft revival and rural livelihood generation.

Today fast fashion is trending not only in people’s wardrobes but also in the news. The reason for it to make space in people’s wardrobes is because it enables companies to mass market, it enables manufacturers to mass produce high end designs and provokes consumers to buy latest trends for cheap.

The SALE culture triggers shoppers to buy more and it also creates a false abundance, which is why clothes today last less due to poor quality & wear n tear that compensates for cheapness.

It has tuned users to buy new instead of repairing the old one, kyuki jab kapade ki quality hi kharab ho toh koi usse repair kyu karein?

That’s where Vikas talks to us about Rafoogari, the age old art of repairing clothes and how reviving it will be beneficial for tackling the havoc created by fast fashion and also aid in enhancing a circular economy.

Keyword : What is a circular economy?

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