Redesigning E-commerce packaging for circular economy part 1 | Ep. #69
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Redesigning E-commerce packaging for circular economy part 1 | Ep. #69

Close your eyes and Imagine a world where you order products online and they are delivered to you safely without card-board or plastic packaging. Does this vision seem too good to be true? Well you’ll be happy to know that there are a handful of start-ups across the the globe who are working their way through current supply chains to make this vision a reality.

Hello & welcome to CBP a series where we look into circular economy from the Indian context. I’m your host and dost Sreepriya Sridharan, and today we have with us Dhwani Mehta co-founder of Ecovia who are a packaging as a service company that helps e-commerce & hyperlocal players switch to returnable reusable packaging.

This interview is a 2 part series. Please join me in part 1 of conversation with Dhwani.

Show Notes:

In this episode we cover the following points;

  1. How online shopping mania during 2020 lockdowns opened their eyes to the countless cardboard box wastes accumulating at home.
  2. Why consumer behavior needs a conscious change?
  3. How can brands make the journey of sustainability easy for their customers; can sustainability be made as a convenient step, instead of adding another task for them to handle?
  4. Ecovia opts for carrots & carrots —> no penalty for customers for inaction, instead only rewards for being responsible;
  5. Second wave of COVID made them think of a brilliant idea to utilize the newspaper boy networks to pick-up their pilot run packages;
  6. A customer who gets their shipments in Ecovia packaging has a simple task- ensure that you make time to return the packaging;
  7. Recycled polyester-PET bottles- are used to make the bags;
  8. 1 bag can fulfill 150 uses, optimizes shipping costs;
  9. Busts myth around assumptions of carbon footprint around cardboard packaging;
  10. How buying “compostable” bags may not be a good alternative to plastics in stead we should be on the lookout for backyard compostable options, if one is serious on seeking for alternatives for plastics;
  11. Currently their packaging material supports fashion beauty & packaged food;
  12. They plan to collaborate with businesses that have high customer touch points to ensure convenient returns for Ecovia bags;

I see a huge potential in Packaging as a service model, do you?

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