Redesigning E-commerce packaging for circular economy part 2 | Ep. #70
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Redesigning E-commerce packaging for circular economy part 2 | Ep. #70

Today we are on part 2 of our conversation with Dhwani Mehta., co-founder of Ecovia. who are a packaging as a service company that helps e-commerce & hyperlocal players switch to returnable reusable packaging.

In the previous episode we discussed how their business model came into being? We dived deeper into how they managed to pool in resources and stakeholders with high consumer touch points to support their pilot run in Surat amidst the pandemic. We busted some myths around compostable bags available online and also discuss the product design. 

Show Notes:

  1. How consumer behavior needs a conscious change
  2. How can brands make the journey of sustainability easy for their customers, my making sustainability as a convenient step, instead of adding another task for them to handle
  3. There are 2 types of typical user behaviors, one type are initiators who need no motivation to do the right thing; second type need incentives to take the same action.
  4. Carrots & carrots —> no penalty for customers for not action responsibly, instead only rewards for being responsible
  5. How second wave of COVID made them think of a brilliant idea to utilize the newspaper boy networks to pick-up their pilot run packages
  6. A customer who gets their shipments in Ecovia packaging has a simple task- ensure that you make time to return the packaging
  7. Recycled polyester-PET bottles- are used to make the bags
  8. 1 bag can fulfill 150 uses, optimizes shipping costs
  9. Busts myth around assumptions of carbon footprint around cardboard packaging
  10. They plan to collaborate with businesses that have high customer touch points to ensure convenient returns for Ecovia bags;

It is no surprise that today single-use packaging has dominated our supply chains..and this single use family of convenience comes at a cost of depleting forest reserves and choking marine lives.

With the rise in popularity of e-commerce and doorstep deliveries in India, the use of paper as well as plastic packaging in boxes has gone up significantly- a trend that organizations like Ecovia are trying to arrest. Therefore they deserve all of our support and encouragement.

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