This Month in German Startups - November 2021 - The Authority on German StartupsNovember 25, 2021
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This Month in German Startups - November 2021

For the busy professional on the go: Chris and Joe cover the most important news

Welcome to This Month in German Startups in November 2021 by - in a news recording with Chris from New York City and me Joe, from Frankfurt am Main.

We recorded this new episode on Friday, November 19th. All news not included here will be published in our December News (to be published on December 23rd). There will also be our annual Fintech Review on December 25th and we will be back with an AI startup interview on January 13th. So we take a few weeks off around the holidays. We are not there yet, so let's get started:

Today we have escooter Tier’s newest funding and acquisition, N26 pulling the plug on their US operations already in January 2022, and the amazing IPO of Sono Motors on NASDAQ. There are also new unicorns, we proudly present Frankfurt’s first unicorn, the insurtech Also, Razor Group (an Amazon shop buyer) becomes a unicorn with a 125 mn US$ fundraising. In November, there is no unicorn tracker. We will keep our eyes open and maybe the next news will have a unicorn tracker companion.

Happy Thanksgiving to our US audience!

Let's talk startups:

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